My fellow Serbian-Americans, 

There are only 15 days left until November 3, when one of the most important elections in the history of this nation will be taking place. We will not only be choosing between two candidates, or even two parties. This historic election will determine our future, and what kind of a country we wish to have for generations to come. Do you wish to live in the country that, although imperfect, continues to be the shining pillar of liberty, freedom, economic mobility and opportunity for all, or you wish to have a socialist nightmare with total censorship and corrupt government oligarchy controlling your every move? 

President Trump has been fighting to save the very fabric this nation has been built upon. He has fought to preserve traditional values, religious liberties and the family nucleus as a core to a healthy society. The very reason our forefather and recent immigrants came to this country.

President Trump kept his promises under the consistent attack by the very career bureaucrats who have hijacked our institutions for their own nefarious agenda. The institutions that are supposed to protect us, the President, our nation, and our national security are being unconstitutionally turned against us, coupled with the big tech censorship and the mainstream media spin, lies, sabotage and blatant fabrications.

Many of us understand that our nation is under attack internally, and our legally elected President is facing an unprecedented and aggressive coup from the depths of our permanent bureaucratic swamp. It is a blatant attempt to regime change. Remember fellow Serbs, we have lived through this same scenario, regime change, colored revolution, chaos, riots, historical revisionism, media demonization, and ultimate demise of a country. The same blueprint applies, because the same people are pulling the strings behind it. 

Serbian-American Vote

President Trump is a threat to those who have harmed us, and they wish to harm him and our American nation. He is a man of peace and deal making, he has not started any wars, he is bringing our troops back, and he wants economic mobility for all, Americans and the world.
Under President Trump’s guidance and direction, Ambassador Richard Grenell, Special Envoy for Serbia/Kosovo negotiations has brokered a historic economic deal, without any blackmail, political pressure or threat towards Serbs and Serbia. The agreement may be imperfect, but we have to realize that the President has approached this issue from a whole new perspective, which is opening a great deal of opportunity for us Serbian-Americans to get involved and impact the decisions where they matter the most. Nothing will happen overnight, this is a process, long and strategic one, and we have to be a part of it. For the first time, we are being heard, we are being treated as an equal partner, and the door for us is open. 

But President Trump needs more time, and we owe him the opportunity to finish the job he started. He needs four more years, and so do we!May we remind you where Joe Biden and the Democrats stand, with just issued vision for the US relationship with Albania and Kosovo. If he wins, God forbid, he will set us back decades, to almost war footing, and he will undo everything President Trump and Ambassador Grenell started working towards. Consequently, a leftist radical, Albin Kurti has called upon Albanian Americans to vote for Joe Biden. 

Fellow Serbian-Americans and patriots, is this really the company you feel you belong in?

Vote your values!