Dear fellow Serbian-Americans, friends, family, and Patriots across the nation,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the entire team, to countless volunteers, supporters, friends, family, patriots, select members of the media, and all those who have shown resilience, dedication, passion and love for this great nation of ours. Most importantly we want to highlight your unwavering commitment to re-electing President Donald J. Trump. This is an election of historic and existential significance, and we would like to underscore that we will continue this fight, and stand with our President because it is not over yet! 

First, the media does not get to decide elections or elect a President. The United States Constitution does! Presidential elections are over only when every legal vote is counted, accounted for, verified, certified by the Secretaries of State, and the Electoral College meets. It is also important to keep in mind that Republican State Legislatures have the final say and they should be prepared to execute their constitutional duty. Remember, Al Gore was declared President by the media in 2000, and that never came to fruition. Joe Biden will be joining the category of media Presidents that never happened after we have a recount. Throw out every illegal vote!

Second, all Republicans need to unite to challenge the unconstitutionally altered election laws, in order to preserve the trust in the system and electoral integrity. Over 70 million people voted for President Donald J. Trump, and we must fight if we ever again hope to have another Republican elected to office. If the Democrats are allowed to get away with this type of blatant fraud now, there is no hope that the majority of the public will trust the most fundamental pillar of our constitutional republic. The Democrats demand that we now unquestionably accept the election results, while spending the last four years challenging and not accepting the last 2016 election results. 

Third, there is ample evidence suggesting massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina, including statistically improbable voter turnout. We will continue to work with the campaign and the legal teams to defend the integrity of our votes and challenge the election results by all legal means available including the Supreme Court. Let’s remember, Serbs have been through these scenarios and were victimized by the same dark forces working against our President. We have lost it all once and came to America seeking a life of freedom and liberty. We cannot afford to lose it all again.  

Fourth, Joe Biden prematurely declared himself a victor without waiting for the election process to be finalized. He stated that he wishes to unify America. Besides the fact that he is barely capable of unifying several words into a coherent sentence, he and his allies have spent the last four years demonizing good, honest, hard working and freedom loving Americans by calling them every derogatory name in the book. In such a state of blatant resentment and, dare we say hate toward fellow Americans who have different opinions, is it really reasonable to expect to have them on your team?! Democrats have done everything to polarize this country to the brink of a civil war, as the division is the only way they can rule. Now they call for unity while also threatening with doxing and compiling lists of the President’s supporters unless we submit to the radical agenda. Hardly a unifying message if we consider that they were fast to declare victory and start dancing in the streets, against every Covid-19 rule they have been imposing on all of us for months. 

At this time we call on all Americans to stand united, strong and vigilant for a fair and just 2020 election result. 

God bless you, and God bless America!

Prof. Dr. Olga Ravasi

Pamela Latkovich Collins