Serbs for Trump 2020 officially transitions to a Political Action Committee

Serbs for Trump 2020 officially transitions to a Political Action Committee

Serbian American Voters Alliance – SAVA PAC

Dear fellow Serbian-Americans, family and friends,

We are proud to announce that our Serbs for Trump grassroots organization has transitioned into the Serbian American Voters Alliance (SAVA), a Political Action Committee (PAC) per the IRS code and Federal Election Commission (FEC) requirements, as shown in the document above. 

“A PAC, is a tax-exempt organization that collects voluntary contributions and distributes those funds for the purpose of influencing political campaigns, supporting a political issue, or electing or defeating candidates running for federal, state, or local public office. Federal PACs are governed by federal election law, which requires registration with the Federal Election Commission and provides specific limits on how much a PAC can directly contribute to a candidate per election.” 

The rebranding of our image and social media presence will be ongoing, as our Facebook page continues to be blocked for another 60 days, due to the complete blackout and Big Tech censorship of conservative voices. We remain on Twitter, and are now on LinkedIn and 

SAVA is envisioned as a transparent, non-partisan PAC that will seek to support or defeat specific candidates in the upcoming elections, or to influence legislation and public policy decisions of specific concern to the Serbian-American community. This effort will have a strategic long term mission and clear objectives, that will require community fundraising. 

To initiate our activities, we are proud to co-sponsor a Constitutional Gala to be held on March 10th in Naples FL, featuring General Mike Flynn and Kimberly Klacik. More information below.