Dear Fellow Serbian Americans, family and friends,

As we continue to do our best to wait patiently for the investigations and legal process to unfold, causing a bit of indigestion over Thanksgiving, we would like to call on President Trump to exercise his full power, and his oath of office to shut down the coup d’etat currently in progress.  
An insurrection is being perpetrated not only against the President, but against the American people and our Constitutional Republic. It is more evident by the day that more and more people are waking up to the psychological warfare tactics, and latest polls suggest that 75% of Republicans, and even more surprising, 47% of Democrats believe that election fraud was committed. It is an open cyber warfare on America, with foreign actors placed right in the midst of it, in cahoots with the Democrat establishment. 

The upholding of our Constitution calls on all to stand up to enemies, foreign and domestic. What we see unraveling is a threat from domestic enemies, willing to commit treason through a hybrid warfare, that is causing massive and debilitating confusion within our institutions and the legal process. The institutions have been hijacked and handicapped by the overwhelming assault, with the DOJ, FBI, and even Republican lawmakers standing idly by. 

Now more than ever, we Serbs for Trump, and all freedom loving and patriotic Americans must stand up,  fight this stealth warfare and support our President encouraging him to continue the fight for America the beautiful. We cannot go back now, and we cannot stand down.

God Bless America!