Prepping Old Garage Floor For Epoxy


Before you or a company begins prepping, you or they will want to take the time to properly examine the work surface. Decorative epoxy coatings come in an amazing variety of colors and styles, including solid color, metallic, quartz.

How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor Plank and Pillow in

Many homeowners apply epoxy floor coatings in their garages to make them more durable and attractive.


Prepping old garage floor for epoxy. Epoxy floor coating gives a very unique and beautiful look to any room, whether it's a garage or an exercise area. You will need a floor grinder with the proper attachments for your floor. Epoxy coatings, however, are ideal for numerous applications including healthcare institutions, industrial settings, offices, and much more.

When people think of epoxy coatings, residential garages and auto showrooms come to mind. You can brighten up your old garage floor with a paint job that will stand up to the wear and tear of garage use, including car tire traffic. Garage floor epoxy prepping methods.

This method will restore smoothness to your floor, which is needed prior to an epoxy coating. At thermalchem, we promise to provide the best resources for your epoxy flooring. The second method for preparing your floor is diamond grinding.

The chemical reaction of these compounds creates an extremely tough and durable epoxy coating. The chemical reaction of these compounds creates an extremely tough and durable epoxy coating. It’s imperative that you thoroughly clean your floor.

Before installing any coating to your garage floor, it must first be clean of dirt, oil, and previous sealers. There are several ways to prepare concrete for epoxy coating. Proper garage floor preparation is crucial for a long lasting garage floor coating system.

For proper epoxy installation, it will need to be started with a completely clean and porous surface. If the floor is concrete, fill in the patch areas or cracks that require care before you begin the cleaning process. Floor prep is an essential first step before you could apply an epoxy coating.

If you need to remove old paint, dirt, and grim then diamond grinding will be a great prepping option. This coating is used so often for garage floors because of the heavy wear and tear a garage floor can be subjected to, as opposed to any other area in your house. As you can see above even grinding will sometimes not even remove oil stains.

1.use 150 grit sandpaper on an orbital sander or pole. Prep and wash the garage floor area. Technically, home and business owners can either use concrete grinding or acid etching to rough up the surface so that the epoxy adheres, but.

That means you must make sure there is no oil, paint, wax, or rubber residue. Applying new epoxy over old epoxy i frequently get calls and emails from folks who want to install our epoxy over an existing epoxy floor or coating that they have. Using an old paintbrush, dust out corners and seams.

The key to applying a new coat is to mechanically rough up the surface of the older coat to create enough bite for the epoxy to adhere to it. In many instances, it is necessary and is always advisable to field test the suitability of the substrate for adhesion prior to the actual installation. If the epoxy coat has chipped away from some area or has faded away, it can easily be coated with another layer of epoxy floor coating.

Read to find out more about prepping concrete for a urethane coating. Epoxy floor coating is a combination of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. How to prepare concrete floors for epoxy coating.

They want to know if it is okay to go over it and what they have to do to properly prepare the surface. If you’re not sure if you can manage. The diamond grinding method requires the use of machinery, however, it is quite easy to do.

Using painter's tape, stick plastic sheeting to the walls along the edge of the foundation, or at the height to which you will apply the epoxy up the walls. Lightly sand the floor surface to insure proper adhesion of the resinous flooring system. The epoxy needs to bond to the floor and will not be able to do so if the floor is wet.

Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. This coating is used so often for garage floors because of the heavy wear and tear a garage floor can be subjected to, as opposed to any other area in your house. Also if you have stains all over the place we recommend that you prime the whole floor so that you don’t get different color shading in the epoxy since the primer is very dark in color.

Concrete floors, however, need to be treated with a process so that the epoxy adheres to the floor. It is the only way you will get epoxy to stick to your floor. Stagger all panel joints, fill joints with epoxy filler, and cover joints with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.

First scrub the floor with a degreasing detergent and a power scrubber if available. Shot blasting is a process in which special equipment is used to help prepare the concrete or cement before epoxy paint can be applied. It is important to prepare a cement floor before applying an epoxy coating to ensure that the epoxy will last longer.

How to prepare an old concrete garage floor for paint. Without this process, the epoxy will likely bubble or flake off. Epoxy floor coating is a combination of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener.

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