I am Voting to end Child Sex Trafficking

I am Voting to end Child Sex Trafficking


My fellow Serbian Americans,

I want to personally address you on an issue that should be striking the deepest feelings of grief and pain with every single one of you. It is certainly an issue that is at the top of my priorities, not only as an expert in the field, but as a mother, as a woman, as a human being.
I come from a professional background focused on foreign policy, security, counterterrorism and transnational crimes. We know that many organized criminal activities are funding mechanisms of terrorism. One significant and the most painful segment of transnational criminal sector are
cases of human trafficking, child exploitation and sex slavery. 

Did you know that sex trafficking is the fastest growing and 2nd largest crime industry in the United States? Did you know that it is as easy to order a child online, as it is easy to order a pizza? Did you know that our law enforcement officers, who are demonized, hated and belittled by the Left, rescue children as young as infants, who were raped and abused in every possible way? Can you imagine what kind of nightmares and traumas these officers carry within their hearts? But they continue to pursue this mission of ridding the world of the most despicable monsters, who even sell babies with the umbilical cord attached, to the highest bidder, for the purpose of sexual exploitation. 

President Trump is putting a stop to this monstrous madness!

Our President and his human trafficking task force are working tirelessly to end the scourge of human trafficking and rid the world of a rich and powerful pedophile rings. This may be one of the reasons why he is so hated by the elitist cabal; they just may be implicated. During the first month of Trump’s presidency the authorities arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators. In the last three years ICE has arrested over 5,000 human traffickers, 1,500 pedophile arrests were made, and the DOJ closed down the leading site for sex trafficking on the internet. President Trump has signed several vital pieces of legislation confronting the threat of human trafficking and child sex exploitation while supporting the victims, identifying 23,000 survivors in 2018 alone.

These should be the biggest stories daily on our national networks, but the mainstream media has barely covered any of it. The question is – WHY?

So, as we prepare to go to the polling places on November 3, remember this critical issue, and remember who is fighting for the abused and trafficked children, both boys and girls, who is fighting against normalizing pedophilia in our society, who is fighting for the traditional core values and the very soul of this country. 
That is what is on the line, and it has become personal!

Prof. Dr. Olga Ravasi