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Best White Bass Trolling Lures

However, it can also be hard work, to say the least. The lure has a built in swimming action but also has the weight and control to fish a variety of depths.

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The best lures and tactics used to catch bass varies based on the seasons and weather conditions.


Best white bass trolling lures. The best white bass lures are a heated topic too and this makes it much more difficult to choose the right lure on any given day. Those will need to be attached to some jig heads which should be around 1/8 ounce. However make sure you use the same sweeping motion.

Shallow water, estuaries, warm water, midday rod: Artificial jigs, spinning lures, and very small spoons can all work well for white bass. Sometimes, there seems no rhyme or reason to what makes them bass tick into action.

The best bass lures to get that stringer full of white bass by raul rodriguez well honestly this is not a hard fish to catch during the annual spring time run so choosing the best bass lures can really be narrowed down to a couple of choices just based on what gets your first couple of bites of the day. White bass lures are small and light, matching the shad, minnows, and other forage that white bass feed on. More white bass lures and gear

Best lures for white bass You can troll it, cast it on the surface, or use it when sight fishing. White and chartreuse are two popular colors that will produce on any given day’s conditions.

This site is loaded with information on every style of bass lure and the best techniques to use with them. The 1/4oz model seems to be the best lures for white bass. Yet another one of the best lures for white bass is the acme kastmaster.

However, it can also be hard work, to say the least. Move the rod in long motions in order to keep the streamer moving in and out of the wake. Available in variety of colors and sizes.

White bass spook easily, so with some lures, you’ll want to cast beyond where the fish are holding and retrieve your lure into them. My top 8 white bass lures. And definitely don't be afraid to go a little bigger.

This particular species is an open water fish. The kastmaster is very similar to a casting spoon. Therefore, they gather in large reservoirs, rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds.

2 inches seems to be the best size but don't be afraid to use smaller rooster tails or roadrunner lures. Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports in the united states. 2020 top 10 killer bass lures:

The larger and heavier sizes are best for waters deeper than 50′. We go over in this post, some of the best ones we believe you can tie on to catch them. Sand bass will eat those too!

This is consistently and efficiently, regardless if you trophy hunt or are just looking to fill up the stringer. Best white bass lures rigs for white bass The best size artificial white bass lures are between 1/16 ounces and ⅛ ounces.

A 6 foot light rod with a 1000 series reel spooled up with 6 pound line is an excellent all round combination for anglers fishing for white bass. They are commonly used for catching bait fish, but if you use a heavier line, they can work wonders for white bass. We break down the top 5 best bass lures based on their proven ability to catch bass, their versatility, and the opinions of many seasoned bass fishermen.

Strike king square bill 1.5 crankbait. Lures and lure fishing can be such an addictive pastime. To fly troll, slow the boat and add a split shot or two to the leader.

The sabiki rig is a great choice when you’re targeting white bass. What temperature do white bass spawn? Most people have a favorite bass lure but it can take years to truly master all bass fishing techniques.

The kastmaster has a unique design that creates a fantastic. Lures as discussed in our white bass lures page, grubs are the ticket. Best white bass rigs sabiki rig.

Ultralight rods and reels are usually the best choice. White bass are a great fish to target because they are plentiful, fun to catch, and taste delicious too. Crappie magnet fin spin jig heads.

Since shad are one of the white bass’s natural prey, using lures that. Best lures for white bass. Jimmy nacion caught this 40# class striped bass slow trolling a #4 tony maja bunker spoon on wireline.

Our favorites are blue fox vibrax spinners and storm wildeye shads. Sabiki rigs are a string of lures connected together. There are several common techniques people use to catch bass.

Learn interesting facts about white bass here. If you prefer to use lures, well mr. The hogy pro tail paddle has uv refracting pigmentation for greater visibility at depths.

With this one, you should be able to cast right into the fish. They spawn earlier in the south, and later in the north. White bass has many other common names, including sand bass and silver bass.

The best conditions for white bass spawning are between 54 to 60 degrees fahrenheit.

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